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"The Nupo diet is safe and effective"
The Nupo diet is one of the most effective and safe methods of achieving your weight loss.

All of Nupo’s products contain all of the necessary nutrients, such as proteins, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals – but with a minimum of calories. Together, they give you a good feeling of fullness and well-being because you do not lack any of the vital nutrients you need. This gives your body the chance to burn your fat deposits, and therefore you lose weight.

A Nupo diet can consist exclusively of nutritional powder, or your Nupo diet can also be a mixture of normal food and Nupo products.

The Nupo diet is based on 3 important pillars:
1.The nutritional powder contains everything your body needs.
2.Scientific documentation based on many years of clinical trials by
Danish hospitals.
3.The block system, which helps you to maintain your weight loss in the long term

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